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  • " It is very easy to apply, a ready to go solution, like I say, for those who are in a hurry, since once is dried in the special lamp for total 2 minutes for each layer + 2 minutes for the top coat which is not necessary since the product by itself has a nice shine… and that's it! no more waiting to dry time…. "
    – Mary, Makeup & Nail Artist, UK
  • " Applying the gel polish was so easy! It was suitably thick, and it does not spread all over. A definite plus was definitely the fact that each layer dried up immediately after being under UV lamp. Also, the smell of the polish was very mild. "
    – Anniina Lahti, Nail Artist, Finland
  • " I still can't believe that all I used was this tiny bottle of polish and an LED lamp. There was no base coat or top coat needed. The product claims to give you weeks of maintenance-free wear. I can definitely vouch for the strength of this polish and I can see how you could get a couple weeks worth of wear from it. I only wore this polish for about 6 days, and at that time it was holding up quite well. "
    – Dixie, Registered Dental Hygienist, USA

What is 1Q32?

[One Q Thirty-Two or ichi-kyu-san-ni]:

A word-play on the Japanese pronunciation of the year 1932; the year that the first air-dried nail polish was born.

The invention of 1Q32 superseded the nail polish invented in 1932; producing a new generation of colored nail polish that contains the advantages and not its predecessor disadvantages. Thus 1Q32 is the new future generation's twist from the old 1932 invention.

1Q32 is all you need to create that perfectly manicured look in minutes!


Just one step

Apply directly over natural nails, no Basegel or Topgel required.

Easy soak-off

Less than 10 minutes removal with no damage to natural nails.

Nail strengthening

No chipping, no peeling & weeks of maintenance-free wear.

No sticky-residue after UV/LED cure

Instant shine & requires no cleansing with drying liquids.

Hundreds of shades

To match your every mood for any special occasions & daily needs.

Nail Polish History


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